2020 Elderly Australian Chinese Homes AGM

Take care of Chinese elders and serve disadvantaged groups in the community

– Sidelights on the 2020 NSW Chinese Home for the Elderly Membership Conference

On October 31, 2020 (Saturday), Elderly Australian Chinese Homes successfully held its annual membership meeting in Castle Terrace Chinese Cuisine as scheduled. Mr. Jeffrey Chan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Elderly Australian Chinese Homes, delivered an opening speech. In his speech, he emphasized that since the beginning of 2020, Australia has closed its borders due to the Covid-19 pandemic and people’s lifestyles are restricted during a special period. All Australians are under various pressures to face the challenges of life, and the employees of Elderly Australian Chinese Homes are upholding the “dauntless” spirit of dedication to the elderly and continue to take care of their daily lives. It also makes us believe that “the epidemic is ruthless, and there is love in the world.” People will eventually overcome the epidemic.

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Elderly Australian Chinese Homes established in May 1987. It aims to cater for the elderly who are in financial difficulties and whose mother language is not English, and provide a “warm and homelike” humanistic living environment for people of different cultural and religious backgrounds. The scope of services of Elderly Australian Chinese Homes includes: residential care services (Castle Hill), day care services (Croydon) and home care services, of which home care services cover the inner west and western Sydney areas of Greater Sydney. Including Ashfield, Burwood, Strathfield, Bankstown, Canterbury, Marrickville and Canada Bay.

Everything we do is driven by our universal mission: to enhance the lives of aging adults and their families.