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About Us

Elderly Australian Chinese Homes is a non-profit co-operative society that aims to provide a range of reliable and quality aged care services for the Chinese Australian seniors. The Commonwealth of Australia financially supports this organisation.

EACH was established in May 1987. The founders specialises their cares for the seniors with non-English background and for those who generally have financial and linguistic difficulties. The association aims to provide a place that is suitable for the Chinese Australian seniors’ cultural background, and a place that the seniors understand their rights and needs, and have a sense of home.

The Elderly Australian Chinese Homes Board was founded by a group of Chinese professionals who are eager to dedicate their time in serving the community. Both past and present directors make every effort in providing their professional knowledge, advice and support, in order to make continuous improvements for this association. Elderly Australian Chinese Homes strives to provide a variety of elder care services to seniors with different needs.

Due to the rapid growth of the ageing population in Australia, the association developed a series of different services, according to the people’s needs. Elderly Australian Chinese Homes provides 24-hours residential care services for the elderly who requires low-level care, high-level care and dementia care. This is important in the long run as the consumer may require additional assistance, and they can do it without going through the hassles of changing facilities.


EACH is not involved in the implementation of any voluntary assisted dying legislation nor does EACH provide services permitted under voluntary assisted dying legislation. 

Everything we do is driven by our universal mission: to enhance the lives of aging adults and their families.